Steve Sojka

Communication Specialist | Author | Behavioural Science | Problem Solver 

Behavioural design is an important tool for understanding and persuading others. Steve’s proven techniques give you the key to unlock a successful first impression.


Steve is an acclaimed pioneer in the field of trust and compliance. He is an eminent expert who has been praised by the world’s elite for his endeavours in inventing persuasive interpersonal communication techniques.

As a writer, Steve loves inventing mnemonic acronyms that easily synthesise decades of research and current best practices. He has invented mnemonic acronyms such as “Smarter” spectral goals and coined the term “anaverbism”.

Steve has worked with the diplomatic services and offered guidance to the Prime Minister of his native country. He offers services advising others on political power brokerage, public relations and human persuasion.

He taught Faculty of Medicine students about obtaining the trust of patients and was voted by the students as the highest-ranking lecturer.


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Years of consistent experience


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Human civilisation is built on communication. Learn the basics they didn’t teach in school.


about us

Together with our team, we have unified our different knowledge bases to develop a range of tools and techniques appropriate for clients from all walks of life.

We believe in building communication within business relationships on strong foundations of ethical best practices and our goal is to use our specialised education in human behaviour to bring people closer; closer to each other and to their own definitions of success.


what we do

We provide one-on-one or dual-expert private coaching, corporate consultancy, and bespoke courses that teach you cutting-edge technique on perception management, trust building and rapport.

We have trained politicians to leverage persuasive power, medical students to build trust with patients, and humans from every walk of life to find the pathway through difficulties.


how it helps

We aren’t just trained in one thing and we understand our clients aren’t either. We aren’t going to waste time focusing on competencies you already have.

You are getting advice from preliminary experts in the field of communication and behaviour management. If we don’t already have the answers, you know we have best tools to find them.

“…companies that apply the principles of behavioral economics outperform their peers

by 85% in sales growth and more than 25% in gross margin.”

Study conducted by


individual optimisation

Soar to new heights with our personalised individual executive training package.

  • Increase your work performance and verbal communication in objectively measurable ways.
  • Build the authority and ability to persuade effectively.
  • Build assertiveness to tackle problems such as asking for a raise.
  • Understand past challenges to create future successes.
  • Prevent self-sabotaging behaviours and build on your new competency.
  • Learn reliable de-stressing exercises and increase your self-confidence.


bespoke courses and speaking events

Bespoke industry training courses designed to be the first stage in your training curriculum.

The first stage of developing a new skill is education. Collectively we have trained 800+ people in lecture theatres around the world. Our bespoke courses are curated specifically for our clients and are useful for a variety of fields, including specially customised rapport building with patients, lawyers and politicians. Topics such as persuading your audience, producing cohesive behaviour, managing first impressions, face and body language, de-escalating conflicts and crisis communication may all be included in your personalised course to produce the best results for you and your team.


team training

Kill the dinosaurs. Make your team the apex of your industry with corporate consultancy packages.

What is useful to succeed in business? Our researched techniques will give you the power to persuade, leveraging language to build structures for success.

  • Optimise the employee selection process – make a sensational first impression, curate a customised corporate culture, and find the right candidate for you.
  • Methods to persuade – harness effective persuasion techniques useful for convincing others to your side to successfully achieve common goals.
  • Psychological profiling – identify individual characteristics and reveal the true nature of the person underneath the mask.
  • Political influence – learn crowd persuasion, skilfully argue your standpoint and innovatively make people agree with your opinion. Gain political influence through the use of innovative lobbying, marketing, and psychological techniques.
  • Emotional intelligence – recognize facial emotions, increase emotionally impactful leadership skills and build rapport.
  • Learn to identify falsehoods – improve your recognition of complex behavioural patterns and weak spots in verbal communications so that you can ask the right questions and effectively evaluate the answers.
  • Advice on stressful situations – stress management for optimised performance, increased profitability, and healthy work culture.
  • Mediate and negotiate disputes – find mutually acceptable solution, resolve tensions and conflicts, and minimise lengthy disputes.

expert testimonials 

Chase Hughes

Bestselling author of five books on human behavior
“Steve never loses ‘big picture’ thinking, regardless of his devoted focus on small tasks, he was vital in the completion of several critical projects, including tactical body-language, facial expression interpretation of C-level executives and advanced response tactics to various related negotiation scenarios.”

David Baron

8-times best selling author and professional hypnotist
“Steve is a great asset artist that is inventing techniques I have never seen before.”

TJ Walker

USA Today, Wall Street Journal & Business Week 1# Bestseller
“Steve’s public presentation skills come across great!”

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