Meet your team

Steve Sojka


Steve is an acclaimed pioneer in the field of trust and compliance. He is an eminent expert who has been praised by the world’s elite for his endeavours in inventing persuasive interpersonal communication techniques.Steve has worked with the diplomatic services and offered guidance to the Prime Minister of his native country. He offers services advising others on political power brokerage, public relations and human persuasion.He taught Faculty of Medicine students about obtaining the trust of patients and was voted by the students as the highest-ranking lecturer.He is an accredited criminal profiler, board-certified clinical hypnotherapist and board-certified NLP master practitioner and trainer.

Xenia Sikora


Xenia is a student of life, with a background in sociology and cultural analysis. Her knowledge is characterised by her interdisciplinarity approach. She is a proactive young professional fascinated by culture, decision-making, and communication. Highly interested in ethical leadership, innovation, and helping purpose-driven concepts succeed. By working with scientists and designers, she developed a keen eye for innovation and potential. Her emphasis is on the syntax of emotional literacy and its impact on corporate success. Her hobbies include visual and martial arts.

Lawrence Ong


Lawrence is a business strategist, who uses his expertise to scale businesses and improve their internal structures. His background lies in marketing and data science which allows him to see company insights that others usually miss. Lawrence’s key focus in on the future of industry, predicting what direction it will take, and developing how to get the companies he works with there. He has strong interests in blockchain technology, data, and everything innovation.