Imagine, you have one small five-minute window to create a solid emotional connection

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First Five describes in laser-sharp detail battle-tested techniques for influencing others’ perceptions of you. It gives you control over your own conscious and subconscious communications and the capacity to take affirmative action towards creating a purposeful first impression. We’ve curated numerous academic articles and advice from the field of behavioural science, hypnosis and linguistics to create a functional step by step guide full of hands-on, practical solutions to problems you may encounter during a first meeting.

This book covers everything from ways of managing and defusing your own stress, to ways of defusing aggression in others. We wanted this book to cover first impression optimisation from a number of different angles and contain advice that explains the types of effects each tool will have so you can pick and choose the right tool for the situation.

Essentialy, sometimes you might want to give off a dominant, confident impression, but sometimes this won’t work for the situation. We’ve outlined the techniques in a short, digestible form and provided insight into some potential scenarios where this tool should and shouldn’t be applied.

After all, understanding the different techniques and tools is one thing, but understanding how to apply them is another. Once you have the rights tools in your toolbox you can apply these techniques to all subsequent encounters, and develop upon them as you see fit.