Corporate Consultancy

Systematic Structures for Success


  • Optimise the employee selection process – make a sensational first impression, curate a customised corporate culture, and find the right candidate for you.
  • Methods to persuade – harness effective persuasion techniques useful for convincing others to your side to successfully achieve common goals.
  • Psychological profiling – identify individual characteristics and reveal the true nature of the person underneath the mask.
  • Political influence – learn crowd persuasion, skilfully argue your standpoint and innovatively
  •  make people agree with your opinion. Gain political influence through the use of innovative lobbying, marketing, and psychological techniques.
  • Emotional intelligence – recognize facial emotions, increase emotionally impactful leadership skills and build rapport.
  • Learn to identify falsehoods – improve your recognition of complex behavioural patterns and weak spots in verbal communications so that you can ask the right questions and effectively evaluate the answers.
  • Advice on stressful situations – stress management for optimised performance, increased profitability, and healthy work culture.
    • Mediate and negotiate disputes – find mutually acceptable solution, resolve tensions and conflicts, and minimise lengthy disputes.